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Posted: Sun Apr 17, 2005 2:17 am Reply with quote
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Hi - Can you tell me how the Scarts and S-Video sockets are wired?

On the PACE for example Tuner 1 is output on the TV Scart and the S-Video CVideo and audio plugs. Tuner 2 is output on the VCR/TV2 Scart.

On the Panasonic TU-CTH100 it appears that whatever you are watching on TV is output on BOTH Scarts AND seperate sockets. But when you archive then the second Scart and seperate S-video & Cvideo is switched to display this archive.

I used Tuner 2 on the PACE for the input for the dvd recorder. The Pace S-Video goes to the plasma via an AV amp. The problem with the Panasonic is that the TV Scart doesnt give colour when in S-Video mode. If I use the S-Video socket then when I archive/dub/save then I have to watch the archive but listen to the Live audio (or watch in B&W). Pace had a similar bug to start with.

Anyway as the Panasonic is due to go back monday, I thought the Topfield sounded the like the next choice.

Cheers - Wolf
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Posted: Fri May 06, 2005 11:12 am Reply with quote
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On the subject of your TU-CTH100.

Very wise to Return your TU-CTH100.

I was on my third TU-CTH100 and finally gave up after countless failures to record, the box freezing (Powercycle required) and some recordings not lasting their duration. I.e. an hour program would have 3 seconds lopped of the end and sometimes it would be ten minutes or as much of 50 minutes in a recording of 90 minutes.
I wrote to Panasonic and they have NOW sent me a reply saying that my letter has been scanned into their system and they will be looking into my problem, They do NOT know that I have returned the box!
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