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Posted: Sun Feb 24, 2019 2:53 pm Reply with quote
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So my topfield 5800 has failed to record today. In the timer screen it shows programmes ready to record but then doesn't record once the start time has passed. In the EPG it displayed the round red circle to show a current recording but there was no evidence in the saved recordings menu - or nothing to watch. I had to cancel the recording and record from playing programme live instead. It does think it's recording though as when you try and record the programme live, it displays a clash with the original version.

It's like it's recording but filing the actual recordiñg somewhere I can't see it. Also if I press play to show programme progress, there is no recording tuner (top right of TV screen):displayed. I hope this makes sense v
I have 81% of memory space left.

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Geoff Bacon
Posted: Sun Feb 24, 2019 3:49 pm Reply with quote
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Are you also saying that there are no recordings at all when you press the Archive button?
If so, the file system has been corrupted (I could recover the files if you want them).

Try the following with the remote:
1) press > (between << and >>) (to bypass MS catching the keys)
2) Archive (shows ProgramFiles)
3) << (shows ProgramFiles)
4) Scroll down to Utilities and press OK
5) Scroll down to fsCheck.tap and press OK
6) When finished (about 20 secs), press Archive to write the log file to the disk

With TopManager
7) Display| File System Check (fsCheck)
8 ) Ctrl A (hold Ctrl key down and press A - this selects all the text)
9) Ctrl C (copy to clipboard)
10) Add to the fsCheck Reports thread and Ctrl V to paste


TopManager program
TF5800, TS On, F/W: MS6 Recommended F/W 12/9/2009 -Sy+EvEzPfUUuZ
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