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Posted: Tue May 22, 2018 1:04 pm Reply with quote
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I've been experiencing an intermittent pause/delay in operation for a few months now.
The delay when it occurs (and when I notice it) lasts for about 12-15 seconds.
A blank dialogue background/box may be shown for the period depending on what function is selected, such as the EPG. I'm using MyStuff.

Problem is I can't make it happen on request. I have set the HDD to spin down on no use (no time shifting) and have done so for many years.
The HDD appears OK. No other symptoms, recoding/playback OK with or without this delay.
I usually notice the delay when interactive using the EPG or Archive function (as I just did)
PSU voltages appear OK with little ripple.

Any ideas?


TF5800t, F/W: MS6 Recommended F/W 12/9/2009 -Fm+CfCtEvFsIPePsUuWf
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