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Geoff Bacon
Posted: Thu Jul 04, 2013 2:09 pm Reply with quote
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I know you can download firmware over the serial link but does anyone know if it is possible to load a tap into memory via the link and then get it to run ? i.e. without copying it to disk first.

< TAP and patch development ~ Command Console - hidden commands implies that one could patch the tap into memory but doesn't show how one could then execute it. Also, I'm not sure where one would load the tap in memory and whether or not it would need changes to "relocate" it.

My gut feel is that it is probably not easily possible but, if it is, it would allow diagnostic taps to be run without needing the tap to be present on the disk e.g. a tap to check the file structure
Note: I know that "exec <tap>" could be used to run a tap that is already on the disk in \ProgramFiles (but it doesn't work on my toppy!)


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