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Posted: Mon May 24, 2010 1:54 am Reply with quote
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I've just got a Humax PVR9200T because it sounded like the nearest thing to a Toppy which isn't a Toppy.

It's early days yet, but I've found that some of the record and playback features are a little bit better than the Toppy. Particularly, when setting a timer you can put in the start and end time rather than having to work out the duration (and getting it wrong ...), and 64 times search in either direction.

Having a USB port on the front rather than the back looked like a big plus as well.

But that's where it seems to end.

The supplied USB transfer software didn't work on either my laptop or desktop ... after a bit of searching I found that it's an issue with Windows XP, and there was supposed to be a fix, which I tried, but it still didn't didn't work, even after a lot of messing about with the Registry (dangerous stuff!). Apparently there's something wrong with the .inf file on the CD which Windows XP just can't abide Sad

I put a spare disk in the desktop PC and installed Windows 2000 on it, and managed to get Humax's Media eLink to work, and transferred a couple of programmes.

Media eLink looks very similar to Altair, except that the directory windows are the wrong way round, and there's no elapsed/finish time count on the progress bar.
The default folder for the PVR is for MP3s and Pictures rather than Video.

Neither Womble (which will normally edit anything you throw at it) nor VideoReDo (which normally can fix any sort of MPEG) wanted to know about the .TS files.

AnyVideoConverter, which I've used successfully before with .avi and .mov files, looked promising at first, but wanted to convert the 704x576 file to 720x576, which would have taken rather a long time, so I declined.

After a lot of searching, I found TStoDVD, which didn't take too long to convert the file, but I found the sound was way out of sync in Womble.
VideoReDo didn't want to edit it, but was able to do a Quick Stream Fix.

So things are looking up. After converting using TStoDVD and fixing using VideoReDo I finally have a file which I can edit using Womble.

However, both VideoReDo and Womble (which I prefer) can handle any .rec file from a Toppy, regardless of whether it's 720x576 or 704x576.

I found the Humax equivalent of to be remarkably useless, which is rather disappointing.
It actually has the *worst* search facility which I've ever seen on *any* website, particulaly as it it accused me of not having answered their "spam question" correctly when no question was visible.
Once you actually find a thread which has something to do with your question, you'll find that most of the answers are along the lines of "yes, I had that problem too", with no offer of a solution.
The very worst thing is that there's an "FAQ" link which leads you to the same broken search engine, and no FAQs at all:-(

There's a note on the front page saying "We have received a total of 25 in donations towards our goal of 29". I can see why there's a shortfall.

I'll persevere with the Humax in the hope that I'll find Good Things whichI haven't thought of yet.

TF5800PVR, FW 5.13.65T, no TAPs
TF5800PVR, FW 5.13.65T, Remote Extender Toppy 2 1.5,
Goodmans GV101YRH50 HD PVR
Sony RDR-HXD560 80GB.
Given up on MyStuff because it created more problems than it solved Sad
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Black Cloud
Posted: Tue May 25, 2010 9:21 pm Reply with quote
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davidbarton wrote:
I ought to get my act together and start using MyStuff!


HW: TF5800 Black Panther 1.5TB. FW: 5.13.65 Patched
SW: TAP Commander 1.32, Goldfish 0.5, Font Manager 1.0d, SecCache v0.4, EIT Sub v0.6, EPG2MEI v0.96, Extend v1.7, TF5000 Display v1.53, MyStuff 6.4, MHEG On/Off A3, WSSkiller V2.12d
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