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Posted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 6:48 pm Reply with quote
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My 60 year old sister lives in Spain and has recently split up with her partner and technical adviser: hence the questions directed at me.

From what I can gather she is currently receiving FTA UK channels on a Sky box (no PVR functionality), possibly using a card purchased in the UK, and she has been told, by friends, that this method is about to stop working.

I understand the technology of Satellite systems, but have never used one, so my questions to this forum are:-

1) has she been correctly informed about the current situation?

2) assuming that the Sky box/card will stop working, should she just buy a Freesat box (not PVR) and connect it up in place of the Sky box, i.e. will the dish already be pointing at the right chunk of the geostationary orbit?

3) if she has to buy a Freesat box, should she get one in the UK and get it shipped over to Spain, or are such things available over there?

Thanks in advance,


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Posted: Thu Dec 24, 2009 11:25 am Reply with quote
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A Freesat box should work in Spain, just as a Sky box does. The dish will not need to be moved. Freesat boxes are only for the UK market, but I'm sure that they will be available to buy in Spain just as Sky boxes are.

AFAIK the Sky box will continue to receive FTA channels apart from ones needing a card (Free-to-view), so a Freesat box would not provide any more channels (apart from BBC and ITV HD if an HD Freesat box is used). It would be possible to get a new card (to a UK address) if the FTV channels are required.

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