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Posted: Wed Aug 24, 2005 8:40 pm Reply with quote
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I'm almost ready to start a project to set programme timers via a simple email (through a convoluted route of various computers, apps and taps...) but I've hit a stumbling block - what if the Toppy is in Standby? Is there a way to wake it up?

I can wake my HTPC connected to the toppy by wake-on-lan, but can it then wake up the toppy somehow?
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Posted: Thu Aug 25, 2005 2:21 pm Reply with quote
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From what I have found out/inferred from my experience and what other people have found out, you are a bit stuck.

Apparently the Toppy is split between 2 systems. There is the main system with the Firmware that is updatable. There is also a second system (apparently non updatable firmware, but I don't know if that is true or not) that handles the power and a couple of other things.

There is communication between them - i.e. you pres power to turn it off and the main firmware talks to the other to say turn me off now as I have finished.

However, when it comes to turning on, this can only happen by the power system deciding to turn on. This can only be triggered (as far as anyone knows) by 2 things:
1) The IR reciever recieves a press of the power button from the remote
2) The next power on time is reached.

The power on time for (2) is set by the main firmware whenever it powers down - based on the next timer set to occur.

Therefore the only way we are able to turn on the Toppy is by setting a timer.

I also suspect that they will have problems doing anything about the feature request to get it to always turn on after a powercut to reset the time because of this.

What you are likely to have to do is either:
1) always leave it powered on (if you use Jags it will need to power off for the nightly scan and then turn on again afterwards - PowerManager does the first part and when I have time I hope to get it doing the second - using a timer)
2) Always set a timer to turn it on again. You can set a non-record timer so it just turns on and tunes to the specified channel. However, if you set many of these you may have problems with clashes with timers to record things, so don go setting loads of daily timers.

Could you perhaps look at creating a single timer for e.g. half an hours time whenever you communicate with the email system. Thus the TAP 'polls' the email system every half hour or whatever time. If the Toppy could be off the next time you want to poll (i.e there are no timers currently set to take you past that time) then you create one just in case.

It would mean that it was always changing channel on you though Confused


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Posted: Fri Aug 26, 2005 12:25 am Reply with quote
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I was afraid of that. My system includes a old Pocket PC (connected to the mains) which would receive the emails, so it ought to be possible to get it to send the infrared power-on signal, I've tried it with my main Pocket PC and it works, it's just a case of physical location and automating the remote-control app or writing something to do it directly. And it was all going to be so easy Very Happy
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