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Geoff Bacon
Posted: Sat Oct 07, 2017 11:21 am Reply with quote
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i had all the psu changed and bought a spare"

Buying a spare may mean from TurboSat - if so then it will need the caps replaced before it is fitted. Likewise, if they repaired it, they won't have replaced all the caps, just the one that failed,

If andyfras replaced the caps, he will have written his initials and a date on the board (probably the underside when looked from the top!) - but that assumes you are happy taking the board out to take a look (or look on the back of your spare in case that is the one andy repaired)

If you are comfortable delving inside the toppy then you could swap the disks between two of the toppies; this would put different toppy hardware in your main viewing area (if that is where it is).


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