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Posted: Tue Jun 19, 2012 8:50 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 12 Oct 2005 Posts: 23 Location: Wiltshire
Ibought my 5800 in 2006 and had been having problems with my hard disk for a while - usually recoverable, until it wasn't.

After a few PMs back and forth with Andyfras, he provided me with a 'kit' containing all 18 capacitors (The Usual '13' Suspects plus the other 5), a length of desoldering braid and some solder.
I already own a soldering iron but can only recall using it on one occasion to repair a relay for my car indicators - the repair lasted a few months.
I have a multimeter which may be even older than my 5800, and up until last week it had never been used.
I have never used desoldering braid and up until now had never even heard of it.

My multimeter has still never been near my Toppy - I decided that I didn't know enough to go poking about on a live PSU and could actually cause damage to my toppy or myself.

Following the available guides, I replaced 13 ( not 18 ) capacitors and my 5800 is working. I elected to only use the other 5 if replacing the 13 didn't fix the problem (which it did).

I only had 2 issues - probably due to lack of attention -

1) The first component I desoldered was the wrong one - it adjoined the capacitor I wanted to replace. I swiftly tried out my soldering skils when I realised and started again.

2) Despite taking care to determine the polarity of the capacitors based on the -ve stripe and short leg, and the board based on the broadly marked arc, I still managed to solder the 13th capacitor the wrong way round.
Fortunately, I rechecked everything before replacing the PSU board and corrected the error.

I don't know how easy it would be to do this without the desoldering braid - it takes some getting used to but works like a charm when you get it right.

Despite having received the kit a while ago, I only did this last week after waiting ages for a little microscope to arrive from China (cost all of about 2) to allow me to check my soldering.

Now I have started installing TAPs ( never got around to it before) and am not sure about them to be honest (but that's another story).

Steve O.

5800 (resurrected)
5810 (dug out)
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Geoff Bacon
Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2012 6:21 pm Reply with quote
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If you have a windows pc:-

If you have never connected your toppy to the pc before, you will need a USB cable (take one from a printer) and drivers. Suggest you use z 4 t for the drivers - install the USB cable after starting the driver installation.

Use TopManager (link in my signature) to obtain a listing of your current configuration:-
1) Connection| Settings - create a USB (probably) connection
2) Connection| Open
3) Tools| Install Files| MyInfo
4) Reboot toppy and wait 2 minutes
5) Display| MyInfo Log
6) Ctrl A (select all ), Ctrl C (copy), add to this thread and Ctrl V to paste

Providing the MyInfo log will allow us to give you more specific instructions e.g. change/patch firmware, add taps, remove bad channels etc.

As far as taps are concerned, you ought to look at MyStuff. In addition to transforming the toppy experience, it has a windows installer that can patch the firmware and load taps which fix the EPG.

It would also help if you can specify your location and the name of the transmitter that you think you use.

Give it a go; it isn't as difficult as it may appear (although it is a bit scary on your first go!)


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